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ResearchADME, PK/TK Cell-Based Assays Efficacy Cosmetics Safety Services Cosmetics CIEnP offers a comprehensive package of assays to evaluate cosmetic ingredients for their in vitro efficacy and safety. Relatively simple one-cell type monolayer based test methods present a good and cost-efficient starting point. Most cosmetic formulation ingredients will come in contact with skin keratinocytes, melanocytes and possibly fibroblasts; therefore all cell types have been established as common in vitro test systems. SAFETY ASSAYS Cytotoxicity tests assess the skin irritation potential on cultured human or mammalian cell lines (OECD 129 and ISO 10993-5). Cytotoxicity is the first test to provide reliable insight into the safety of cosmetics and chemicals. Toxic effects on the cellular level could be identified by different viability tests including: Neutral Red Uptake (NRU) MTT Assay Annexin V (apoptosis) 7-AAD (necrosis) EFFICACY ASSAYS In vitro efficacy assays to develop cosmetics could be performed in cell lines present on human skin, such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes or melanocytes. Furthermore, in vitro assay can be realized in non-cellular system to analyses antioxidant activity, enzyme activators or inhibitors, among others. These assays can help the sponsor to take an effective decision according to the strategy of the company. Anti-aging Measurement of intracellular reactive [...]