Quality Assurance Unit (QAU)

The CIEnP QAU has the autonomy to inspect internal processes, procedures and audit studies. QAU provides, together with the team, the improvement of the internal procedures, making them increasingly standardized and traceable.

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or non-GLP studies are also audited by the QAU. The QAU realize periodic inspections to ensure that facilities, equipment, practices and records are in accordance as described in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). In addition, QAU provides inspections on the critical phases of a study, verifying the raw data and final report generated after each study.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

CIEnP only performs studies in animals (rodents) after the approval of each experimental protocol by the committee. The IACUC is formed by external Researchers, members of Animal Protection Organizations and Veterinary Practitioners.

CIEnP aim to obtain certifications, accreditations and recognition from regulatory agencies in order to be nationally and internationally recognized.

National recognition:

– BPL Recognition – 0058 (Click here to see our certificate and scope)

International recognition:

– AAALAC International (in process)