Cell-Based Assays

CIEnP provides in vitro screening and mechanism of action studies using primary or immortalized cell lines. Our scientific team provides a broad array of validated assays as well as in-depth biology support for drug discovery and we work with sponsors to determinate the best in vitro assay for the proposal.

Cell Lines

Pancreas carcinoma – MIA PaCa-2

Glioblastoma – U-87 MG

Melanoma – A375

Breast adenocarcinoma – MCF7

Prostate carcinoma – LNCaP

Lung carcinoma – A549

Colorectal adenocarcinoma – Caco-2

Lymphoblast – TK6

Ovary adenocarcinoma – SK-OV-3

Kidney carcinoma – Caki-1

Murine melanoma – B16F10

Keratinocytes – HEKn

Fibroblasts – HDFn

Melanocytes – HEMn-MP

* Others on request

Ex vivo cell subsets

Bronchoalveolar lavage cells;

Macrophages; Splenocytes;



Primary neuronal cultures from Sprague Dawley rats;

Primary glial cultures from Sprague Dawley rats;

* Others on request

Assays offered

* Others on request


Human skin

Synthetic membrane

Assay offered

The above list is a small sampling of the available assays. Contact a scientist today to discuss a cell-based assay test that can meet your primary objectives.